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Weld Mold Company

Fabrication and maintenance of mild, low-alloy and high-strength steel.


High-tensile, corrosion- and heat-resistant joining and cladding of stainless steel.

Tool Steel

High-strength alloys for bearing surfaces and tools that must work-harden, for the joining of cracked die sections and for applications Welding alloys for heat treatable tool die and mold steels.

Specialty & Maintenance Products

Brazing alloys, aluminum electrodes, bare cast iron rod and bare aluminum, titanium and magnesium rod. Cutting, piercing and chamfering electrodes.

AWS Class for Cu & Ni Alloys

An easy to browse listing of commonly used AWS alloys.

Copper and Nickel Alloy

Nickel, nickel-alloy products and copper based alloys, developed to join and overlay nickel, copper, bronze and many dissimilar ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. To meet a variety of needs for welding cast iron and joining cast iron to steel with nickel or nickel alloys.


Unequalled alloys for the joining, overlay and repair of forge and steel plant equipment and hot-work die steels.


Hard-facing tools and equipment to resist impact, abrasion, erosion, heat, corrosion and a wide variety of wear problems.

Filler Material Selection Guide

Identify a suitable filler material according to your base material.

Typical Welding Parameters

Broad ranged reference intended to offer a starting point for dialing in welding parameters.