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Terms and Conditions

Weld Mold Company – Terms and Conditions


Prices are subject to change without notice and those in effect at time of shipment apply. Surcharges may be in effect for certain alloys at certain times – please contact inside sales for assistance regarding these surcharges. Taxes are not included and are additional, as may be required by law.

Minimum Order Charge

$100.00 minimum per order.

Orders less than $100.00 can be accepted on one of the following conditions:

  1. Must be shipped Next Day Air
  2. A $20.00 service charge added to invoice


Net 30 days. A 1 ½% per month service charge will be added to all accounts past due.
Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

Prepaid Freight Policy

All material is shipped F.O.B. Brighton, MI. Prepaid freight may be obtained provided the products ordered total a minimum of $2,000.00 in value or are 600 pounds in weight. All shipments not meeting or exceeding this criteria will be shipped outbound collect or prepaid and added to invoice. On prepaid shipments Weld Mold Company reserves the right to specify the point, method and route of shipments.

Returned Goods Policy

All material returns must be authorized in writing by Weld Mold Company. No return shipment will be accepted without prior written authorization. Return requests must be received within six (6) months from the date of shipment from the sellers factory or warehouse, and may be subject to a restocking charge and freight. Returned products must always be shipped by the Buyer F.O.B. destination, freight prepaid and allowed, and properly packaged to protect against damage, along with the RMA (Return Material Authorization) form. Broken or partially used packages cannot be returned for credit. Non-stock items will not be allowed to be returned. Material must be returned within 30 days or RMA is void.


In the event the Buyer cancels an order for standard price list items prior to shipment, Buyer will not be assessed cancellation charges. Processing charges may be applicable.

In the event the Buyer cancels an order for standard price list items after such items are shipped by common carrier to the Buyer or Buyer’s consignee, Buyer shall pay a cancellation charge equal to the sum of all shipping, handling, retrieval, warehousing, and other related costs, if any, incurred by the seller as a result of cancellation.

Cancellation will not be allowed on any item which is non-stock or non-standard, unless material has not yet been produced. Buyer will be responsible for all incurred expenses for raw materials, set-up charges, tooling, etc.


Credit allowed by Seller (subject to Sellers’ inspection) will be the lower of either the current selling price or the actual purchase price less the sum of any restocking charges, and all freight transportation and shipping charges, if any, paid by Seller, in connection with delivery of such products to Buyer.


No warranties are expressed or implied and Weld Mold Company shall in no event be liable to the buyer or any other party for damages incurred for, but not limited to, direct or indirect losses due to misapplication of the product, injury, loss of production, workmanship of users, acceptance of the aid of Weld Mold Company personnel, or any other reason whatsoever.

3/32” x 9”5 lbs
3/32” x 12”10 lbs
1/8” x 14”10 lbs
5/32” x 14”10 lbs
3/16” x 14”10 lbs
1/4” x 20”50 lbs
.035” x 36”10 lbs
.045” x 36”10 lbs
1/16” x 36”10 lbs
3/32” x 36”10 lbs
1/8” x 36”10 lbs
.035” x spool25 – 33 lbs
.045” x spool25 – 33 lbs
1/16” x spool25 – 33 lbs
3/32” x coil60 lbs
1/8” x coil60 lbs
.045” x spool25 – 33 lbs
1/16” x spool25 – 33 lbs – 100 lbs drums
3/32” x coil60 lbs
3/32” x drum250 lbs – 500 lbs
1/8” x coil60 lbs
1/8” x drum250 lbs – 500 lbs
5/32” x coil60 lbs
5/32 x drum250 lbs – 500 lbs
*There is a $3.00/lb surcharge for less than standard packaging.


All orders are subject to a shipping tolerance of +/- 10% of ordered weight.