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Hardfacing Weld Materials

Hardfacing tools and equipment to resist impact, abrasion, erosion, heat, corrosion and a wide variety of wear problems.

Weld Mold® 601

A premium cobalt based wear-facing alloy with outstanding heat, abrasion and corrosion resistance. 601provides excellent metal to metal wear, developing a high polish in service and maintains an effective hardness at operating temperature up to 1800º F.
Alloy Spec: AWS CoCr-C
Hardess: 46-55 AWRc
Tensile Strength: Up to 70,000 psi

Weld Mold ® 606

The most versatile of the cobalt based alloys, designed to withstand severe impact at elevated temperatures. Hardness and strength are maintained to temperatures of 1200º F and higher for short time exposures. Scaling resistance is excellent to 1900º F.
Alloy Spec: AWS CoCr-A
Hardness: 40-45 AWRc
Tensile Strength: UP to 115,000 psi

Weld Mold® 612

A premium non-ferrous cobalt base wear-facing alloy, designed to be used for moderate impact applications that are subject to abrasion, high temperature and/or corrosive conditions. Deposits take on a high polish while in service and have a low coefficient of friction.
Alloy Spec: AWS CoCr-B
Hardness: 44-53 AWRc
Tensile Strength: Up to 76,000 psi

Weld Mold ® 621

A non-heat treatable, work hardening cobalt based wear facing alloy, specifically designed to withstand severe impact at elevated temperatures up to 1500º F. Weld deposits show superior resistance to heat checking, spalling, chipping and especially to erosion in areas of high heat concentration.
Alloy Spec: AWS RCoCr-E
Hardness: AWRc 33-36
Tensile Strength:

Weld Mold® 672

A work hardening lower carbon and silicon version of our 673, it is more ductile and crack resistant when used for fabrication. Primarily used for welding Hastelloy® C-276 to itself and many other nickel based and stainless alloys.
Alloy Spec: AWS NiCrMo-4
Hardness: AWRc 15-20, WHRc 35-37

Weld Mold ® 673

A premium high nickel base, chromium-tungsten-molybdenum wear facing alloy used to resist heat and heavy impact. Weld deposits rapidly work harden under impact. Weld Mold 673 resists oxidation, corrosion, and mechanical stresses and performs very well under high compression and will retain its hardness up to 1000º F.
Alloy Spec: AWS NiCrMo-5
Hardness: AWRc 20-25, WHRc 40-45

Weld Mold® 9225

A versatile joining, surfacing and buildup material depositing a Hadfield type manganese nickel steel, that work hardens rapidly. All weld metal deposits retain good hardness at elevated temperatures and have moderate corrosion resistance along with exceptional impact resistance and superior abrasive wear resistance.
Alloy Spec: AWS FeMn-A mod
Hardness: AWRc 15-22, WHRc 45-50

Weld Mold ® 9239

A medium carbon, chrome austenitic manganese steel alloy, designed to provide a tough, ductile layer of rapidly work hardening weld metal, to resist severe impact. It is non- magnetic and non- machinable.
Alloy Spec: Chrome Manganese
Hardness: AWRc 15-20, WHRc 47-50

Weld Mold ® 9325

A high strength low alloy martensitic material that produces dense, porosity free weld deposits that displays excellent toughness and easy machinability. It is an excellent build up, joining and underlay alloy on all weldable steels, with excellent impact resistance and low to medium abrasion resistance. Can be torch cut.
Alloy Spec: N/A
Hardness: AWRc 25-30

Weld Mold® 9335

A high strength medium alloy martensitic material that produces dense, defect free weld deposits displaying superior toughness and good machinability, with excellent impact resistance and medium abrasion resistance. Can be torch cut.
Alloy Spec: N/A
Hardness: AWRc 35-38

Weld Mold® 9340

A high strength upgrade version of 9335 with higher physical properties in the tough machinability range with higher abrasion and impact resistance at elevated temperatures. Can be torch cut.
Alloy Spec: N/A
Hardness: AWRc 38-42

Weld Mold ® 9345

A high tensile strength martensitic low alloy, high deposition product that produces sound, defect free weld deposits in the “very tough” machinable range of hardness.
Alloy Spec: N/A
Hardness: AWRc 40-45

Weld Mold ® 9358

A premium martensitic steel alloy that provides exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact and high compressive loads at elevated temperatures and defect free weld deposits that are thoroughly heat treatable. Cannot be torch cut.
Alloy Spec: N/A
Hardness: AWRc 55-58

Weld Mold® 9380

A modified 420 martensitic stainless steel alloy that produces heat treatable, defect free deposits.
Alloy Spec: AWS 420
Hardness: AWRc 50-58

Weld Mold ® 9454

An all-purpose medium carbon, medium chrome hardfacing alloy, with exceptional versatility, providing good resistance to moderate impact and abrasion
Hardness: AWRC 45-54
Deposit Thickness: Maximum 1/4” or 2-3 layers

Weld Mold® 9458

An economical all position, general purpose chromium carbide overlay with exceptional versatility that resists medium impact and high abrasion.
Hardness: AWRC: 50-58
Deposit Thickness: Maximum 1/4” or 2-3 layers

Weld Mold ® 9459

A high chromium carbide that provides excellent resistance to lower impact and high abrasion at temperatures to 1,400°F.
Hardness: AWRc 54-59
Deposit Thickness: Maximum 1/4” or 2-3 layers

Weld Mold Polywear® 9460

Weld Mold 9460 is a high chromium carbide wear facing alloy that out-wears conventional electrodes in this category. The uniformly extruded coating and special core wire assures low temperature fusion with a minimum of penetration to the base metal. Welds take a high polish and maintain their hardness up to 900° F.
Hardness: AWRC 57-60
Deposit Thickness: 2-3 layers

Weld Mold® 9461

A premium high chromium carbide flux-cored surfacing wire for overlay on components subject to extremely severe abrasion and moderate impact. The deposit will withstand temperatures up to 1100° F and will relief check in a uniform pattern.
Hardness: AWRc 58-62
Deposit Thickness: Maximum 3 layers

Weld Mold ® 9462

A very high chromium carbide alloy with a high percentage of large hexagonal chrome carbides that provides superior resistance to high abrasion and low impact at very high temperatures, maintaining high hardness at 1400˚F.
Hardness: AWRc 59-63
Deposit Thickness: Maximum 1/4” or 2-3 layers

Weld Mold ® 9763

Weld Mold 9763 is a flux core wire requiring no shielding gas and producing a tough, complex chrome carbide crack-resistant deposit containing a high percentage of extremely hard, finely dispersed titanium carbides for abrasion resistance. Designed for use in surfacing carbon steel, low alloy steel, and 12-14% Hadfield manganese based materials.

Weld Mold® 9764

Weld Mold 9764 is a complex chrome carbide alloy producing a combination of large chrome carbides and small, fine niobium carbides in an austenitic/eutectic carbide mixture. Designed for surfacing carbon steels, low alloy steels and manganese steels with a high impact resistant weld deposit, thickness is limited to 3 layers.

Weld Mold ® 9765

A complex chrome carbide alloy in a tough matrix designed to resist severe abrasion, lower impact, and hot wear resistance to 1100° F.
Hardness:AWRC 60-65
Deposit Thickness: Maximum 1/4” or 2-3 layers

Weld Mold® 9768

A complex chrome carbide alloy producing a tough deposit that contains a high percentage of extremely hard, finely dispersed multi-carbides for superior high temperature abrasion resistance up to 1400° F.
Hardness: AWRC 60-65
Deosit Thickness: Maximum 1/4” or 2-3 layers

Weld Mold® Polywear® 9772

Polywear 9772 is a superior complex chrome carbide designed to resist severe high abrasion and low to moderate impact. Polywear 9772 exhibits the highest complex carbide deposit hardness giving the optimal protection for your parts.
Hardness: AWRc 64-72
Deposit Thickness: Maximum ¼ or 2-3 layers




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